Most of my paintings originate from the landscape of the North Quabbin region of Central Massachusetts, with occasional jaunts to the coast.  I use oil (sometimes with wax or sand), acrylic (with various acrylic mediums), and, most recently, acrylic with collage (mostly painted, but some commercially printed, papers),  concentrating on landscape and landscape-based abstraction.

I am interested in expressing an emotional response to landscape and nature, which is sometimes more descriptive and sometimes more abstract—usually expressed through naturalistic color and complex surface texture.  

I try to treat each new painting as a new adventure,

a privilege,

an opportunity,

to share a unique, little-bitty slice of momentary truth in nature.  

I suppose this is how I express my hope that we can save, for a little while longer, these landscapes and our astounding planet. 


* * *

To contact me email:   susan@susanpaju.com